Application Sheet for personal related for ssc 2024

Application sheet for personal related

Application Sheet for personal related 2023

Application Sheet most important Sheet for all student. In this post about personals related application sheet. 

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Application Sheet for personal related
Application Sheet for personal related 2023
Write an application to your Headmaster/ Principal of your school/ College (For  personal related application).

June 19, 2022

The Headmaster/ Principal

S. F. Model School and College

Dakshinpara, Dhaka.

Subject: Application for (………….).


With due respect I would like to draw your kind attention to the following fact that I am a student of your School/ College. I have an excellent performance in (J.S.C/ S.S.C) examination. All along I secured (অর্জন করা, নিরাপদ) the top position in the examination. But at this moment for my (কারণ), I am in need of (……………). I would be grateful to you if you grant me (বিষয়). Now it is quite impossible to continue my study without (বিষয়).

I, therefore, pray and hope that you would be kind enough to grant my application and oblige (বাধ্য করা) thereby (যার ফলে).

Your obediently 

Shakil Ahmad

Class: Ten

Roll: 01

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Example: যে যে বিষয় গুলো দিয়ে Application টি লেখা যাবে।

1) For leave after the second/ any period.

2) For a transfer certificate.

3) For testimonial/ a character certificate.

4) For a seat in the School/ College hostel.

5) For a full-free studentship/ help from the poor fund.

6) For remission of delay fine.

7) For three/ any days leave in advance owing to the marriage ceremony of your sister/ brother.

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