Letter About Your Brother For The Final Exam

Write A Letter About To Prepare Well For The Final Examination

This article discuss about Write a Letter to Your Younger Brother Advising (উপদেশ) Him to Prepare (প্রস্তুতি) Well for the Final Examination. I think it is very important letter for class Ten To XII. 

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Letter About Your Brother For The Final Exam is very good and important letter for all classes student. 

For The Final Exam
Letter About Your Brother For The Final Exam

Date: 11th June 2023

Dear RRR, 

I am glad to hear that you have already started taking due preparation (প্রস্তুতি) for the final examination Or For The Final Exam. You are always a good student and you did well (ভালো) in the SSC. I hope (আশা করা) you will also do well in the next final exam. For this, you must take necessary preparation before (পূর্বে) the exam. I know that you are fond of (প্রিয়) outdoor games and sometimes (মাঝে মাঝে) you give much time to sports.
But for the sake of your examination, you should devote your time to studies. You must read the texts repeatedly and take a thorough preparation in a systematic way. Make a daily routine and make yourself well prepared in accordance (অনুসারে) with the routine. Besides, take care of your health. I hope that you will do well (ভালো) in the examination.

I am well. Best wishes to you & All.

Your loving brother,

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For The Final Exam First Published Date: 10th June 2023

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