Resign Letter From the Post Of Lecturer in Finance

Resign Letter

Resign Letter From the Post Of Lecturer In Finance

This article discuss about Notifications Of Resigning From the Post Of Lecturer In Finance (Temporary). I think everybody wants to know about Resign Letter. It is the best article for SSC & HSC. 

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How do I write (লিখা) a resignation letter in (শব্দ) Word ?
Dear [Mr/Ms]. [Supervisor Name], I am writing to tender my resignation from my position (স্থান) of [Position Held] with (সাথে) effect from [Resignation Date Requested]. [Reason for Resignation – You can (পারা) copy and paste one of the reasons from (থেকে) below].

Resign Letter
How do I write a good resignation letter?
Keep your resignation letter to one page and make sure it includes the following:
(1)a statement of intent that you will be leaving your job.
(2) the name of your official staff position.
(3) the date of your last day on the job.
(4) gratitude to your employer for hiring you.
(5) a highlight of your time there (optional)

What is resign letter ?
When someone wants to resign his or her job then he or she need to write a resign. This letter is very important to resign jobs. 

Sample Resignation Letter

 [Your Name বা নাম দিতে হবে ]
[Street • City • State • Zip Code বা ঠিকানাগুলো দিতে হবে পর্যায়ক্রমে]
[Phone # • Fax phone # • Messages phone # • Email বা ফোন নাম্বার ও ই-মেইল দিলেই হবে]

 [Date today]

[Recipient’s name]
[Company name]

Dear [Recipient’s name]:

Please accept this letter as my formal notice (নোটিশ) of resignation from [Company name], effective [date, two weeks from date above]. The associations I’ve made during my employment here (এখানে) will truly be memorable for years to come.

I hope a two-week notice is sufficient for (জন্য) you to find a replacement for me. If I can help to train my replacement or tie up any loose ends, please let me know.

Thank you very (খুব) much for the opportunity to work here.


[Sign here]

[Your name, title]

cc [Names for copies]

Resign Letter First Published 11th February 2023

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