Dialogue for good side for 2023 for ssc

dialogue for good side

Dialogue for good side for 2023

Dialogue shit for good side
Dialogue shit for good side

Good Site: Reading Newspaper/ Early Rising/ Punctuality/ Physical Exercise/ Tree Plantation/ etc.

Myself: Good morning, how are you?

Kawser: I am also well by the grace of Almighty Allah and you? 

Myself: I am pretty well. 

Kawser: We haven’t seen each other for a long time. Please tell me something from your sweet tongue.

Myself: What is your idea about the necessity of   (………………) ?

Kawser: (…………..) has many positive sides in our life. It plays an important rule in the development of our body and mind. It is also great source of joy and pleasure.   

Myself: Everyone should practice (…………….).

Kawser: I like your idea and feel that we should follow it for own benefit.

Myself: Thank you very much for polite conversation.

Kawser: I am very happy to make you understand the importance of (…………..).

Myself: No more today. Good bye.

Kawser: You are most welcome. See you again. Good bye.

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Tag>> dialogue for good side

Tag>>> dialogue for good side

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